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Sam/Jess + Dean/Cas camping trip AU

#like can you imagine them sleeping in the back of a van squished togeter limbs tangled  #when it’s morning dean literally rolls out of the back door because there’s no other way to free himself from octopus cas  #and he lands on his face but it’s okay because they’re parked in a meadow and the grass is soft   #jess saw him though and she tries really hard to stiffle her laughter; getting up with him to go looking for firewood   #they tell embarrassing stories about sam on the way and dean punches her lightly on the shoulder telling her she’s a good girlfriend for sam   #how he’s glad she’s part of the family; jess flushes crimson and changes the subject to cas because what else can you say in that situation   #and then it’s dean’s turn to flush all the way to the tips of his ears muttering under his breath how it’s no big deal   #but jess knows it’s a big deal; that they’re both in it for the long haul; because these two meatballs   #they look at each other like they’re starring in a disney flick; ‘sam likes him you know’   #dean stops walking; staring et her ‘really?’ yes really!’ jess laughs and she gets moving again   #when they return to the campsite sam is chasing cas around yelling about wanting his stolen book back   #’i’m only borrowing it sam’ cas yells but they fall on the ground together; laughing   #dean and jess watch from a distance with sappy smiles; they fistbump and jess says   #’we did good winchester’   #’yeah we did’ dean answers softly and feels like the weight of the world drops from his shoulders   #*lies down for ten thousand years*  (via stupidquestionaward)

(Source: rubysburnedwings)

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